CAM AppScanner

Use CAM AppScanner to manually contribute to the CSID.

The CAM AppScanner utility collects information about installed Windows application files on the selected machine in order to find applications that do not yet exist in the CSID. The utility generates a file that you can send in (either via HTTPS from the Contribute to the CSIDdialog box, or manually). These application scan files are then analyzed to help determine what applications to add to the CSID.

From CAM Administrator, you can run CAM AppScanner on any Windows machine listed in the Machines panel. You can only scan one machine at a time, and the utility runs transparently on the selected machine.


  • No personal, machine, or environmental information is collected during the scanning process. Only the information contained in executable files and some program-specific initialization files to obtain data for inclusion in the CSID is used.

  • You can also can opt in to automatically send unrecognized applications directly to the CSID team by selecting Yes in the Do you want to enable automatic contribution to the Cherwell Software Identification Database? dialog box.