How to Export a Certificate

To export a certificate so that you can use it on another machine:

  1. Launch CAM Certificate Manager.
  2. From the Certificates tab, select Show Trusted to show a list of all certificates.
  3. Optional: Select Filter CAM to narrow down the list to only certificates created by CAM Certificate Manager.
  4. Select a certificate, then select Export.
  5. In the Confirmation dialog box, select Yes.
  6. Select a location for the certificate, then select Save. The location can be a network location, a folder on your hard drive, or portable hard drive, or any location normally accessible to this machine.
The certificate is now available for use with other CAM Administration Service machines. The next step is to run CAM Certificate Manager from the other machine and load the certificate.
If you selected Make New to create the certificate, the certificate file is already available.