Changing the Import Batch Size

By default, SCCM data is imported into the CAM Database in batches of 25 machines at a time.

When testing on a system dedicated to a relatively small SCCM system and Cherwell Asset Management, this has proved to be a reasonable size.  Database servers with more memory and processors may be able to handle larger batch sizes to improve the time it takes to import. Do your own testing to verify which batch size is optimal in your environment. Larger batch sizes will cause resources on those systems to be heavily utilized.

If your system has become sluggish and unable to process data for processes outside of Cherwell Asset Management, you may want to reduce the batch size. Batch sizes greater than 1 require creating temporary tables in the SCCM database. If creating temporary tables in the SCCM database is not allowed, set the batch size to 1.

The batch size is stored in the CAM Database options table. To update the value, execute the following SQL command:
update dbo.options set optionvalue='1' where
      optionname='SCCM Batch Size'