Choose SCCM Collections to Import

You can specify which SCCM collections to import.

To specify which SCCM collections to import:

  1. From the list, select the machines in the SCCM database to import.
    • You can expand and collapse nodes as needed.
    • The number in parentheses next to a collection represents the number of machines in that specific collection.
    • Collections of machines within a larger collection are not selected when you select the larger, "parent" collection. Ensure you've selected all machines you want to import within each collection.
  2. When you are satisfied with your selections, select OK.

    Information on your collections will be shown.

The total number shown for a collection in this dialog box may not match the total number shown in the Import SCCM Data dialog box. This is because this dialog box may include duplicate machine name/domain combinations. When duplicate machine/domain combinations are found in the SCCM data, only information from the machine with the most recent inventory data is imported.