SCCM Hardware Field Mapping Dialog Box

Use this dialog box to match hardware fields on the left (as defined in Cherwell Asset Management) to SCCM fields on the right.

In most cases, use the default CAM-to-SCCM mappings based on a standard SCCM implementation. A more customized SCCM installation may require additional mappings during the configuration phase.

To set custom mapping definitions:

  1. Select a CAM hardware field on the left and the SCCM field to which you want to map it on the right.
  2. Select Map.
  3. Repeat this for each custom mapping definition you want to configure.
  4. Select OK.
  • Select Unmap to clear a mapping.
  • Select Replace to replace the current field mapping with one saved in another SCCM data source, or with the default mapping. For unmapping and replacing mappings, you can select single fields, or multiple fields at once using the Shift or Control keys.

To search for SCCM field names:

  1. Type a string into the text box above the list on the right.
  2. Select Find Next until you find the name you want.

You can also use the plus and minus symbols to expand and collapse the list of SCCM fields.

After you've selected an attribute (that is, not one of the items with a plus/minus), the Show Examples link is available in the CAM list whenever you have selected a name that is mapped. The example data comes from the SCCM database. If there is no data, No examples available is shown.