Layout of License Analytics

The layout of License Analytics includes each of the sections described below.


The toolbar contains the following buttons:

  • Email PDF: Select to email a PDF version of the report. A window opens where you can specify. This option is not available from the Worksheet tab or when Microsoft MSDN is selected in the left pane.
  • Export to PDF: Select to export the contents of the right pane to a PDF file. You can save or print the PDF file.
  • Open in New Window: Select to open the contents of the right pane in a new window.

Left Pane

When you select an item in the left pane, the right pane updates to show relevant information.

  • Summary: Provides explanatory text and shows the last time data was calculated. You can recalculate data by selecting the icon after you've made changes. Summary information is then broken out further by LA title:
    • Microsoft Office
    • Microsoft Project
    • Microsoft SQL Server (broken out by SQL Server licensing agreement type: Core, Processor, Server/CAL, and Unknown: with a separate list for passive servers)
    • Microsoft Visio
    • Microsoft Windows
    • Microsoft Windows Server (broken out by Windows Server licensing agreement type: Core, Processor, and Server)
    • Microsoft MSDN

Right Pane

The right pane updates with your selection in the left pane, showing the charts and a worksheet that pertain to your selection on the left, as described above.

When you select a product family on the left, a series of tabs appear in the top of the right panel:

  • Summary: Provides a summary of license deficits and surpluses for the selected product.
  • Worksheet: Presents detailed data analysis for the selected product.
  • Exceptions: Presents a list of any exceptions, with descriptions of how to correct each one or links to relevant help.
  • By Edition, By Channel, By Contract, By Edition Version: Use to view data sorted by the relevant criterion.
  • Computer Data: Only available when SQL Server or Windows Server is selected in the left pane, this tab appears just after the Summary tab and provides a computer data analysis for each machine consuming a SQL Server or Windows Server license.