MSDN Software Installations

Use of software licensed through an MSDN software contract is restricted for purposes of research, development, and testing of software. As mentioned in Virtual Machines and License Analytics, Cherwell Asset Management inventory, virtual discovery, and SCCM import processes do not support automatic detection of MSDN as a license channel, which affects how License Analytics reports on MSDN-licensed software.

MSDN contracts must identify the machine group or groups containing the machines running MSDN-licensed software. License Analytics uses this information as follows:

All Microsoft software on all machines included in groups named by an MSDN contract is considered to be MSDN-licensed software. There are no exceptions.

For those machines using MSDN-licensed software, simply create (in CAM Administrator) or use a group that is appropriate for that purpose, and place all machines used for that purpose in that group.

Technically, MSDN software is licensed based on user; to simplify the analysis, License Analytics uses a machine- and machine group-based model to better match the other supported contract models.