Contract Options

Contract options are available in the Preferences panel. When you select Contract Options in the left pane, the right pane updates to show you the contract options you can choose. Specifying these contract options may be necessary for sites that also use License Analytics, because that component requires knowledge of the channel under which an analyzed installation was purchased. Sometimes an analyzed installation does not provide channel information even after the inventory and virtual environment discovery processes are run, and the options you specify here dictate how channel information is determined in these situations.

You have these options:

  • Use the channel from the contract that is associated with the machine: Machines and contracts are associated with each other via machine groups. If an Enterprise Agreement exists, it applies to all machines and its channel will be used. This is the default option.
  • Use <x> channel if the machine is not associated with a contract: Select this option if you want to specify that the OEM, Retail, or Volume channel is used.

After you make your selection, select Save.