How to Add Line Items to an Order

Once you've entered an order, you can add line items (information about what the order includes).

To add a line item to an open order:

  1. Click Add below the order number, and select the appropriate line item type from the list:
    • By Part Number (SKU): Enter the exact part number (SKU) of the item you want to add. Wildcards are not allowed. If one or more SKUs that exactly match the number you enter are found in the SKU catalog, a list of items opens, and you can select which item to add. Any available information for that SKU is automatically entered in the relevant fields, and you can edit any of it.
    • Hardware: Enter at least the item's name and hardware type.

      Recommended: Click Add maintenance to add maintenance information.

    • Hardware Maintenance: Enter the item name.

      Recommended: Search for and select the hardware item that this maintenance item covers in the Maintained Hardware field.

    • Software: Only the item name is required, but you may also want to reconcile the software line item to a license unit via the Reconcile to field, or specify that you don't want to reconcile it by checking the I don't care about reconciling this line item box.

      Recommended: Click Add maintenance to add maintenance information for the item.

    • Software Maintenance: The item name is required. You may also want to specify what this item is maintaining by selecting License Unit or Line Item in the Maintains field, then search for the license unit or line item.
    • Software Upgrade: Enter the item's name. You may also want to include information about the upgrade in theUpgrade from and Upgrade to.
  2. Optional: If the line item is covered by a contract you've already entered, you can search for it and select it in the Contract field to associate it with the line item.
  3. After completing the required fields, enter any additional information about the item that you want to track or that will help you later identify the item.
  4. Click Save.

Once the line item is added, you can do any of the following:

  • Close the window and refresh the display to see the order you just created.
  • Add more line items to your order.
  • Edit any listed line items.
  • Make general changes to the order by selecting Edit.
  • Assign a line item to a user or machine, or to a user, machine, or asset group by selecting Assign.