How to Set Up Reminder Email Alerts

To set up email alerts to be notified when your maintenance, lease items, or contracts are due for renewal:

  1. From the CAM Purchasing console, select Preferences.
  2. Click Reminders.
  3. In the right pane, set up email alerts for each item.
  4. Verify or change when you want to be notified of each event (for example, leases expiring in the next 90 days).
  5. For each event, specify where to send the email alert. Separate multiple recipients with commas.

If you use CAM Authentication

If access profiles are enabled, the Send email alerts to box is not visible, as alerts recipients are specified in the access profile itself. If you didn't set up email alerts recipients when you created the access profile or you want to check who is set up to receive the alerts, go to the Administration panel and select Access Profiles on the left. From there, you can view, edit, and add access profiles. Once you're satisfied with your settings, you can return to the Preferences panel and move on the next step.

If you use CSM authentication

Since access profiles are always enabled with CSM authentication, configure email addresses from the Administration panel as described in If you use CAM Authentication above.

  1. Optional: Click Edit Message next to the relevant email address to customize the subject or content of the message.
  2. Specify whether to send the alerts in plain text or HTML.
  3. In the From address box, specify an email address from which the alert generates, and to which recipients of the alert can respond.
    You cannot use angle brackets (< and >) here.
  4. In the SMTP server box, specify a valid SMTP Server address for outgoing messages.
  5. In most cases, leave the SMTP port and Use encrypted connection (SSL) options as they are, unless your email service provider requires different values.
  6. If your email server requires credentials, check the Change credentials box and fill in the associated User name and Password.
  7. Click Save.
By default, email alerts are generated via a new scheduled task that runs once a day. You can change how often to generate alerts using the Windows Task Scheduler, which is a System Tools accessory that ships with Windows.