Importing Data into Purchasing

Once you've prepared CAM Administrator, Purchasing, and your spreadsheet for the import process, you can start the actual import.

To launch the import process:

  1. Click the Status tab.
  2. From the list on the right, select Import Purchase Data.

    Select a spreadsheet and worksheet, specify the type of import, the access profile if necessary, and map the fields to your spreadsheet.

  3. Preview the data.
    • This is the last step prior to importing your purchase data. The preview shows the data that will be imported.
    • The first column displays errors that occur on a row by row basis. You can sort this column to show all rows with errors at the top.
    • Review this data carefully to ensure that the proper columns are mapped and the data is represented properly.
  4. Complete the process when you are satisfied with the preview.


  • Multiple rows of data with the same order number and vendor will be consolidated into the same order.
  • If a lease spans multiple order numbers, it will be imported with each order. This may require you to change the total price and monthly cost accordingly. To do this, cancel the import process and revise your spreadsheet, or change the total price and monthly cost after the import process completes.
  • If you want to consolidate these orders under a single lease number, the lease number must be the same for each line item it includes.