Status Panel

This panel presents a current, graphical view of the purchasing data you've collected thus far, as well as a convenient way to perform any outstanding tasks and address any reminders.

The charts presented here are called "dashboard charts." Dashboard charts take up the bulk of the screen, with a to-do list on the right.

Dashboard Charts

You can customize this section in these ways:

  • To hide a dashboard chart, select the at the chart's top right corner, and then select Remove. Some charts also have an Edit option you can select to change what data you want displayed; select Done to save those changes.
  • To see charts not currently shown, select the at the top left of the panel, and then select Add Panels. Select one or more charts from the list that's then shown. When you're finished selecting charts, select Done at the bottom of the list to update the Dashboard display.

To-do List

Your to-do list is shown on the right, grouped by category. Depending on your situation, all categories may not be shown.
  • If your list includes a yellow Exceptions or Migrate section and you use License Analytics to analyze SQL Server or Windows Server licensing, select on these links to accomplish tasks necessary for generating meaningful data for analysis. Upgrading customers will see these sections if you added purchasing data for these Microsoft products in earlier versions of CAM before functionality for analyzing these products was added. (Support for SQL Server licensing analysis was added in CAM 13.2; support for Windows Server was updated in CAM 13.0.)
  • The Reminders section provides the current status of your leases, contracts, and maintenance agreements, so you can quickly tell which ones may be expiring or need attention soon.
  • The Tasks list presents an at-a-glance summary of the status of your purchasing information. Click any task or reminder to jump to the location where you can complete that task. These lists update as you complete tasks; you should check them periodically, especially after importing purchasing data.
  • The Import section provides a link to a wizard you can use to import purchasing data.