Troubleshooting: Currency Issues

If Reporting and Purchasing users in your organization use different language settings in their browsers, please read on for a description of possible currency issues and how to avoid them. This topic is not relevant for organizations where all of these users have the same browser language settings.

Cherwell Asset Management supports a single currency, and all currency data is stored without a currency symbol. Reporting and Purchasing determine which currency symbol to display to the logged-in user based on that user's language settings in the current browser. But when users have different browser language settings, currency issues can occur when interpreting data and exporting reports to Microsoft Excel.

Example of When Currency Issues Can Occur

Say User A uses English (United States) and User B uses English (United Kingdom) for their language settings in their browsers. When User A enters an order in the Purchasing, $ (the dollar sign) is displayed in currency fields. When User B views that order or runs a report that includes data from that order, £ (the British pound sign) is displayed in currency fields. So the currency symbol is different, but numbers that follow the currency symbol are unchanged (not converted to the new currency).

What to Do

To avoid such currency issues, affected organizations can take the following steps:

  • Decide on a standard, single currency to use for all currency data.
  • Communicate that standard to all users of Reporting and Purchasing.
  • Instruct users who need to use a language other than the standard for other tasks to add the standard to their list of languages in their browsers, and then change to the standard before starting Reporting or Purchasing.
You may also notice similar currency issues in CAM Administrator.