Pre-installation Considerations

There are some general issues to consider before you install Cherwell Asset Management and deploy it to your entire organization or group.

These factors will help you think about the best way to plan your installation and deployment.

  • Network environment: Gather information such as the network operating system and version used; the network topology; the number of servers, workstations, sites, and users; and if there is a multi-user Windows environment (for example, Citrix or Terminal Server).
  • Workstation characteristics: Consider such factors as the workstation operating system, networking method, if there is a corporate standardized desktop, whether applications are loaded on the workstation or run from the network, what administrative rights Windows users have, and how remote users connect to the network.
  • Deployment schedule: Test CAM Agent deployment first with a group of 25 or so workstations. Once you are sure your deployment will go smoothly, deploy the CAM Agent to remaining workstations according to the plan and schedule that works best for your organization.
  • Ongoing administration: Cherwell Asset Management requires ongoing maintenance and administration to perform optimally and continue to provide you with the information you need. Identify the ongoing administration tasks for your installation and who will be responsible for performing them.