Reporting Administration Panel

 This topic applies to CAM authentication.

The Administration panel is available when you've enabled Reporting Applications user policies in CAM Administrator, and are logged into Reporting as a CAM administrator or a Reporting Applications administrator.


  • Users with Purchasing permissions can also use Reporting.
  • If your site uses CSM authentication, access to Reporting is controlled from Cherwell Service Management using security groups. The Administration tab is not visible in these situations.

Use the options in this panel to set up multiple users for Reporting, License Analytics and CAM SaaS Analytics, with permissions (roles) that you specify. You can add and delete users from the list, and assign specific roles to users that give them full or limited permissions. You can also use this feature to block certain users from viewing these reports.

Types of Administrators

There are two administrator roles in Cherwell Asset Management:

  • CAM: CAM administrators have full access to CAM Administrator, Reporting, Purchasing, License Analytics, and CAM SaaS Analytics. You won't see this role in this panel unless you are logged in as a CAM administrator and both Administrator and Reporting Applications user policies are enabled in CAM Administrator. If you see a CAM administrator on the list on this panel, you cannot change that user's role, nor can you assign a CAM administrator from Reporting.
  • Reporting applications: Reporting applications administrators have full access to Reporting, License Analytics, and CAM SaaS Analytics. They can run reports and read, use, create, edit, and delete all filters associated with any user. Reporting applications administrators can also specify roles for other users, as described below, and view License Analytics and CAM SaaS Analytics.

Types of User Roles

When you select a user from the list and select Edit, specify one of the following roles for that user, then select Update:

  • Reporting applications user: These users can run all reports and view the dashboard reports on the Status panel, and use License Analytics and CAM SaaS Analytics. They can also use and maintain their own filters and use shared filters. Reporting applications users cannot view the Administration panel or make changes to any filters that an administrator owns.
  • Not authorized: Cannot launch Reporting, License Analytics, or CAM SaaS Analytics. When unauthorized users attempt to launch one of these applications, a message is shown. Reporting applications administrators can specify the message that is shown by selecting the Not Authorized message link at the top of this panel.
    The CAM SaaS Analytics Not Authorized message cannot be modified.

Find a User

  1. Enter the user's name in Search. You can use the * and ? wildcards.
  2. Select the user from the list of results.
  3. Click Add User.