CAM-specific Hardware Properties

Some reports include information on fixed hardware properties (for example, BIOS Name and Hard Disk Serial Number). Most refer to machine specifications, but the following CAM-specific properties are also listed:

  • Access Point: The name of the CAM Access Point to which this machine reports.
  • Agent Version: The version of the CAM Agent installed on this machine.
  • Install Date: The date the CAM Agent was installed on this machine.
  • Inventory Enabled: Whether inventory is enabled for this machine.
  • Inventory Managed: Whether you can inventory this machine.
  • Inventory Only if Logged In: Whether this machine is only inventoried when a user is logged into it.
  • Last Heartbeat: The last time the CAM Agent checked in with the CAM Access Point.
  • Last Inventory: The last time this machine was inventoried.
  • Last User: The username of the last logged-in user on this machine.
  • Meter Managed: Whether metering license units is available on this machine.
  • Metering Enabled: Whether metering license units is enabled on this machine.