Generate a Box Credentials File

Your Box administrator, who has administrative rights for the account, must first create an application on the Box developer console. The administrator must generate a credentials file and configure the Box application permissions to authorize the account and collect data.

The application in the Box developer console must be configured as an Enterprise Integration using OAuth 2.0 with JWT as the authentication method.

The following steps must be completed by the Box administrator.

To configure the Box application with permissions:

  1. In Application Access, select Enterprise.
  2. In Application Scopes, select Manage users.
  3. Verify that Perform actions as Users and Generate User Access Tokens are set to OFF.
  4. In Add and Manage Public Keys, select Generate a Public/Private Keypair to create a configuration .json file you can use to configure your Box connection within CAM SaaS Analytics.
  5. Select Save Changes.
After you've collected Box data, you can view the results on the CAM SaaS Analytics Home page and reports.

For more information, contact your Box administrator or refer to the Box documentation.