Enter CAM Web Components Connection Information

This dialog box opens when you are installing other components, but not the CAM Database, on your machine. Use this dialog box to provide the information needed to connect to the CAM Database, which you installed on another machine. Make sure to enter the same values for these options that you used where you installed the CAM Database.

The options are as follows:

  • Database Server: Type the name of the database server. If you are installing the CAM Administration Service on the current machine, the machine name is already filled in here.

If your installation of SQL Server requires that you use a specific (non-default) port, you can enter it in this text box using the following format:

<Server name>,<port number>

Be sure to enter the appropriate instance name in the next text box.

  • Database Instance: The default, CAM, is already entered here, but you can enter a different instance name here.
  • CAM Database: The default name is CAMDB, but you can enter another name of an existing CAM Database here.
  • Username: Enter the username you specified when you installed the CAM Database.
  • Password: Enter the password for the above username, as specified when you installed the CAM Database. Using a "strong" password (a password that would appear to be random to a hacker) is recommended.

Click Next to continue.