Requirements Check

Cherwell Asset Management requires that several Microsoft components be installed prior to running the Setup program. If you need to install any of the provided components, select Refresh when you're done. When you've met the requirements, select Continue to proceed with Cherwell Asset Management installation.

Database Server Component

Microsoft SQL Server is required to host the CAM database. See Product Requirements for supported versions.

For small implementations, you can use SQL Server Express. If SQL Server is not installed on this machine, select Install SQL Express to launch a standalone setup program to install SQL Server Express Edition.
If you plan to host your CAM database on a different machine, you do not need to install SQL Server Express on your local machine.

SQL Authentication

Cherwell Asset Management uses SQL authentication to access the CAM database. If hosting the CAM database on this machine, you must have a SQL authentication-enabled instance of SQL Server prior to continuing. If SQL Server is running on this machine but SQL authentication has not been configured, a warning will be shown. Select Install SQL Express to install a new instance of SQL Express with mixed mode authentication enabled.

For more information on SQL Server authentication mode, see Change Server Authentication Mode.

Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS)

A machine hosting the CAM Access Point, Reporting, Purchasing, License Analytics, CAM SaaS Analytics or any combination of these must have IIS installed on it.

To install IIS on a Windows machine:

  1. From the Control Panel, select Programs > Turn Windows features on or off.
  2. Select the Internet Information Services (IIS) component.
  3. Select Next to start the IIS installation.

To install IIS on a Windows server:

  • Use the Server Manager application.


  • You may need your Windows installation media to install IIS.
  • After installing IIS, make sure ASP.NET and Static Content support are enabled.

Microsoft .NET Framework

The Microsoft .NET Framework is a collection of functionality required by all .NET enabled applications. All non-agent components of Cherwell Asset Management require .NET. If .NET is not installed, select Install .NET on the Requirements Check dialog box to install it. See Product Requirements for the version of .NET required for this version.