How to Install CAM Administrator on Another Machine

For optimum performance, also install the CAM Administration Service on any machine where you install CAM Administrator.

To install CAM Administrator and the CAM Administration Service on another machine:

  1. Copy the CAM installation package to the machine where you want to install it.

    You downloaded the CAM installation package when you purchased the product.

  2. On the machine where you copied the installation package, select camsetup.exe.
  3. In the Setup Choices dialog box, select Normal Install.
  4. In the Requirements Check dialog box, clear everything except the Administrator and Administration Service checkboxes. Verify that the names of these two components are in green, indicating that system requirements are met.
  5. Proceed with the installation. If you are prompted with a feature selection dialog box, verify that only CAM Administrator and the CAM Administration Service are selected.

After installation completes, disable the CAM Work Queue Service and CAM scheduled tasks on that machine.