About Portal Visualizations

Portal visualizations look and behave similarly to visualizations in the Browser Client.

A visualization is an interactive graphical representation of related data, represented as a relationship chain with colored nodes (boxes) and links (arrows). Defined alerts can also be added to indicate potential risk. Examples include:

  • Configuration maps (records that are linked using a common factor)
  • Organization charts

In the Portal, users can:

  • View a visualization using the Visualization button on the menu bar.

    In order to open the visualization in the Portal, the visualization feature must be added to one of the supplied Portal Site menu bars.

Good to know:

  • Actions, dashboards, visualizations, calendars, widgets, and searches can be viewed, accessed, or run in the CSM Portal; however, they are managed (created, edited, and deleted) and configured (security rights and defaults) only in the CSM Desktop Client and CSM Administrator.
  • The Portal Visualization window provides much of the same functionality as the Desktop Visualization window and includes the toolbar, Main pane, Aerial pane, and Legend; however, the Portal Visualization window does not include a menu bar.