CSM Web Applications Keyboard Accessibility

Keyboard commands enabled users to navigate the Browser Client and CSM Portal without using a mouse.

General Keyboard Commands

Key Action
Tab Move forward from one link or form control to the next.
SHIFT+Tab Move backward through one link or form control.
Enter Activate the selected link or control.
Spacebar Select a record or option.
CTRL+Spacebar Clear the current selection. For multi-selections, clears or selects while persisting previous selections.
Page Up and Page Down Scroll the page up or down.
Arrows Scroll through links and controls on a page.
ALT+Arrow-left Move to the previous page.
ALT+Arrow-right Move to the next page.

Form Keyboard Commands

Use the following keyboard commands when focus is on a record form or an element on that form.

Key Action
Enter Selects the highlighted item.
Home Selects the first item in a drop-down.
End Selects the last item in a drop-down.
Spacebar Selects a highlighted radio button or check box.
ALT+down arrow Opens a pop-up or a drop-down.
Esc or ALT+up arrow Closes a pop-up or drop-down.

Grid Toolbar and Header Keyboard Commands

Use the following keyboard commands when focus is on the Grid column header.

Key Action
Enter Sort the column.
Spacebar Select and clear items.
ALT+Down arrow Opens the filter menu.
Esc Closes the filter menu.
ALT+M Toggles the Multi-column Sort option.

Grid Item List Commands

Use the following commands when focus is on the Grid item list.

Key Action
ALT+W Applies focus to the Grid item list.
Enter Expand and collapse cells.
Space Select and clear cells.
CTRL+Spacebar Select cells, but persist previously selected cells.
Page Up and Page Down Navigate through multiple Grid pages.