Browser Client Managers

Browser Client Managers use tabs to navigate the areas where CSM items are located within each Manager. The tabs correspond to folders in the Desktop Client and contain the same CSM items.

Select a tab to go to the items located in that file. Select an Item's Home takes you to the base file structure (example: Dashboards>Pinboard, User, Role, Team, Global).

In the Browser Client Managers, you can:

  • Run/Display: Run or display the selected item (example: Run a saved search, One-Step™ Action, or report; display a dashboard).
  • Filter (Association or Status): Filters items by record type (Incident, Problem, Change, etc.) or status for the Queue Manager.

    Filtering by record type is only available in the Search, One-Step Action, Dashboard, and Report Managers.

  • View: View a list of available items in either list view or icon view.
  • Search: Searchethe Item Manager for the provided word or phrase. Use the drop-down list for recent searches. Clear the search by clicking on any tab under the Item's Home.