Configure Portal Security Rights

Configure Portal Security Rights before customers can access the Portal.

Because Portal access must be set differently for anonymous browsers as well as logged-in customers, there are several places that Portal security rights must be set in CSM Administrator before users and customers can access the Portal. The following are all the rights that must be configured for anonymous browser and Portal customers:

  • Application rights
  • Browser and mobile device rights
  • Calendar rights
  • Chat Service Integration rights (BeyondTrust)
  • Command Manager rights
  • Dashboard rights
  • Document repository rights
  • HTML page rights
  • Knowledge rights
  • Record locking rights
  • One-Step™ Action rights
  • Report rights
  • Searches rights
  • Security features rights
  • Sites rights
  • Sites Manager rights
  • Users' rights
  • Visualization rights
  • Web Service One-Step Action rights