Define Footer Properties for a Site

Use the Footer Properties page to define background color, images, text, font, and footer size.

The site footer is located at the bottom of the site, and can provide additional general information (such as a copyright notice) or aesthetic value. Use the site's Footer Properties page to define:

  • What the footer looks like (background color and image, and footer image).
  • What and how text displays on the footer (title, subtitle, and baseline text, fonts, and colors).
  • The footer's height and position (relative to a margin).

To define footer properties for a site:

  1. Open a site in the Site Editor (CSM Administrator > Site Manager > Portal Site Name).
  2. Select the Footer page.
  3. Select the Show Footer check box to display a footer at the bottom of the site.
  4. Define a footer background by doing one of the following:
    • Select the Color Selector to select a background banner color.
    • Select Image to select an image to use as the banner background.
  5. Define a footer image (example: your company's logo):
    1. Select Browse. The Image Manager opens.
    2. Select an image.
    3. Select OK.
    4. Provide pixel dimensions for the image in the Size field.
    5. Select the Align drop-down list to edit the alignment of the image within the site banner.
  6. Provide a title for the site footer in the Title field.
  7. Select Image Selector in the Title area to change the color of the title.
  8. Provide a subtitle for the site in the Subtitle field.
  9. Select Image Selector in the Subtitle area to change the color of the subtitle.
  10. (Optional): Provide any additional text for the site footer in the Baseline Text field (example: copyright notices).
  11. (Optional): Select the Fixed Height check box to make the footer a fixed, specified height. If cleared, the footer resizes to accommodate selected text, images, and margins.
  12. Select the Margins button to define top, bottom, right, and left margins around site text.
  13. Select Save.