Define General Properties for a Site

Use the General Properties page to edit basic site features that may have initially been defined in the Site Wizard. Edit and customize the site title, login requirements, document repository association, and Business Object association.

To define general properties for a site:

  1. Open a site in the Site Editor (CSM Administrator > Site Manager > Portal Site Name).
  2. Select the General page.
  3. Define general properties for the site:
    1. Title: Provide a title to display in the Portal UI. The site title and banner title were initially created in the Site Wizard, but can be edited here.
    2. Description: Provide a description to display in the Portal UI.
  4. Define access options for the site:
    1. Show in Site Selectors: Select this check box to include the site name in the Site Selector drop-down list. The Site Selector is located on the Site Application Bar in the Portal Main Page.
    2. Require login for access to site: Select this check box to require users to login to the site.
    3. Acquire a license at login (so editing other users' records will not require a prompt): Select this check box to acquire a license for the user upon login.
    4. Acquire a license on edit (suppress prompt): Select this check box to acquire a license for the user upon editing another user's record while suppressing the prompt to acquire the license (example: A site intended for managers that are editing other user records).
  5. Select Business Objects to associate with the site:
    1. Select Add.
    2. Select a Business Object from the list. Choose Business Objects for users to interact with (example: If a user needs to view or create Incident records from the site, select the Incident Business Object).
    3. Repeat steps A and B for all desired Business Objects.
    4. Add newly associated objects to site menu: Select the check box to automatically add associated Business Objects to the site's menu bar.
  6. Select a document repository to include on the site.
    1. Select the Associate an Existing Document Repository check box.
    2. Select the ellipsis. The Document Repository Manager opens.
    3. Select an existing document repository or create a new document repository.
    4. Select OK to close the Document Repository Manager.
  7. Select Save to close the Site Editor.