Export a Grid in the CSM Browser Client

Export a Grid from the Browser Client using .csv and .xlsx formats.

To ensure a manageable amount of data is displayed, grids that are displayed in the Browser Client (except those in the Form Arrangement) are limited to a maximum of 20,000 rows even though there may be many more rows of data available. To access all of the data in a grid, export or print the grid. In the Form Arrangement, grids are not limited when displaying data, exporting, or printing.

Search Results grids allow you to select multiple records at one time and export the contents or run a One-Step™ Action on those selected records. On all other types of grids, exporting or printing a grid will export or print all rows of data.

  1. Open a grid using an applicable feature (example: Search Results List Widget, Quick Search, Form Arrangement, etc.).
  2. (Optional) Filter the grid so the content is organized the way you want.
  3. (Optional) Use the Column Chooser to edit grid columns. When the grid is exported, all columns in the grid are exported to the file.
  4. Select the Export drop-down menu on the Browser Client toolbar.

    To export grids, the user must have the appropriate Application Security Rights.

  5. Select the format to use for export:
    • CSV (.csv)
    • Excel (.xlsx)

    The file immediately begins to download. The download process varies based on the browser and associated settings.
  6. Save the file to your device.