Implement the Supplied Service Catalog (Use an Existing Service Catalog Widget)

Use the Widget Manager to implement the supplied Service Catalog.

To update an existing Service Catalog to use the Cards with Search style introduced in the CSM 9.2.0 supplied Service Catalog:

  1. From the Widget Manager, right-click Service Catalog, and then select Edit.
  2. Select the Display page, and then select Cards with Search or Cards with Search v2 from the Style drop-down list.
  3. If necessary, add a description field in each lookup table, then add the field to the associated form.
  4. Select the Show Image next to each command check box.
    1. Select Field with Image to select a source for the image. The fields available in the drop-down list are related to the Action Business Object selected on the Actions page.
    2. Select Expression to build an expression to provide an image.

To use card images on a single-level Service Catalog, ensure the Action Business Object you choose has a field that stores images.