Implement the Supplied Service Catalog (Create a New Service Catalog Widget)

Create a new widget to implement the supplied Service Catalog.

To create a new Service Catalog using the Cards with Search style introduced in the CSM 9.2.0 supplied Service Catalog:

Create a New Service Catalog Widget:

  1. In CSM Administrator, create a new Blueprint.
  2. Open the Widget Manager and create a new Action Catalog widget.
  3. Select the Display page, and then select Cards with Search or Cards with Search v2 from the Style drop-down menu.
    The image on each parent-level card shows either custom images or pre-CSM 9.2.0 supplied images.
  4. Select the Groups page, and then select Display Options for the top-level group.
  5. Select the Show image next to each item check box.
  6. Select the Field with Image option, and then select Linked Image from the drop-down menu.
  7. Finish any necessary fields to complete the Service Catalog widget.

Map Description Fields

The Incident Category and Incident Subcategory lookup tables also need a description field to take advantage of the Cards with Search style. The title and description text in each parent-level card are mapped to the description fields in the Service Major Business Object. The child-level cards are mapped to description fields in the Incident Category and Incident Subcategory Lookup tables.
Incident Category and Subcategory Description Fields

If your database does not have a description field in those Lookup tables, follow these steps:

  1. Add description fields to the Incident Category and Incident Subcategory Lookup tables.

    Object Manager for Incident Category and Subcategory Lookup Tables

  2. Add the description field to the associated forms.

    Add Fields to the Forms

Add the New Widget to the Portal Menu:

  1. Open the Site Manager.
  2. Right-click the portal site you want to add the new Service Catalog widget to and select Edit.
    1. Select the Menu page, and then select the Add action down arrow.
    2. Select Add Action Catalog action.
      The Widget Manager opens.
  3. Select the new widget.