Keyboard Shortcuts

You can use the following keyboard shortcuts when working in the CSM Desktop Client.

Key Action
F1 Help
F2 Rename current item
F3 Show the legal values for a field
F4 Heads Up Display
F5 Refresh
F6 Displays the current user's information
F7 Displays the current user's configuration items
F8 Zooms the current field (if a large text field)
F10 Select Menu
Ctrl+C Copy current text to the clipboard

Switch to the preferred culture.

Ctrl+K Paste the text from the current field into Knowledge Search pane

Switch to the last culture you selected.

Ctrl+S Save the current record
Ctrl+T Toggle between form and list views
Ctrl+V Paste text from the clipboard

Switch between the preferred culture and the last selected culture.

Ctrl+X Cut current text to the clipboard
Ctrl+Y Redo last operation that was undone
Ctrl+Z Undo last operation
Alt+Down arrow key

Open a combo-box

Move down in a list of records

Alt+Left arrow key Move back to previous location
Alt+Right arrow key Move forward
Alt+F1–F8 Select tab in the current form arrangement
Ctrl+F4 Go to home page
Ctrl+F5 Displays Self-Service settings (Self-Service setup must be configured on your machine and you must be on a customer type that is set up to be exposed via Self-Service)
Ctrl+scroll Zoom in/out in editors
Ctrl+Shift+E Email current customer
Ctrl+Shift+F Displays the grid filter for a selected grid column
Ctrl+Shift+K Paste the text from the current field into Knowledge Search pane and searches
Shift+drag Ignore snapping in an editor
Defined in our database, but can be changed by the user:
Ctrl+Shift+I New Incident
Shift+Alt+C Go to Quick Search for customer