Log a CSM Portal Record

The CSM Portal allows you to easily log records using the Service Catalog.

The types of records you can log depend on your CSM Portal. Examples include:

  • Incident: An Incident is an unplanned interruption to a Service or a reduction in the quality of a Service (example: Something is not working).
  • Request: A Service Request is a request for information, advice, a Standard Change, or access to a Service (example: Installation of new software). The Request form may contain different fields depending upon the type of service requested (example: New Device vs. Network Request).

In the supplied IT CSM Portal, Incidents and Service Requests (often called Requests) are stored together in the Incident Business Object. The Categorization (Service/Category/Subcategory) identifies the record as either an Incident or Request and is decided by the service chosen in the Service Catalog. You can also log an Incident or Request using the Affects Me Too link on a Problem logged by another customer or user.