Log in to the Browser Client

Before accessing the Browser Client, the appropriate credentials must be assigned. Credentials are managed on the User's Profile in CSM Administrator.

To log in to the Browser Client:

  1. Provide the URL: http://server/CherwellClient where server is the location where CSM is installed (either locally on the machine or on a specific server outside the local machine).
  2. Provide the login credentials (User ID and Password). These should have been assigned by the implementer or system administrator.

    If Windows/LDAP login is enabled, provide the Windows credentials used to log in to the system.

  3. Click Login.

    If assigned to more than one CSM Role (and have not previously selected the Automatically Use Selected Role check box), the Choose your Role window opens.

    A Role is a User/Customer's current function/responsibility in CSM, and controls how data is presented in that person's CSM environment. For example, a Role determines which Home Dashboard is displayed and how the Incident form looks (example: Which fields are exposed, required, etc.). A Role is assigned to a Security Group and can be assigned to more than one Security Group at a time. A User/Customer can access any of the Roles in his Security Group, but can only log in using one Role at a time. Examples of Roles include Service Desk Manager and Portal Customer.

  4. Select the login Role for the session:
    1. Role: Click the appropriate Role.
    2. Always Use Selected Role: Select this check box to automatically use the selected Role at the next log in. This bypasses the Role prompt.
  5. Click Submit.