Configure the Browser Client to Scan Barcodes

You can configure the CSM Browser Client to enable users to scan asset barcodes using the camera on a mobile device.

Through the CSM Browser Client, you can use a mobile device camera as a barcode reader to scan asset tags and upload photos to tickets.

The following types of barcode readers are supported:

  • Code 128: code_128_reader
  • EAN: ean_reader
  • EAN-8: ean_8_reader
  • Code 39: code_39_reader
  • Code 39 VIN: code_39_vin_reader
  • Codabar: codabar_reader
  • UPC: upc_reader
  • UPC-E: upc_e_reader
  • Interleaved 2 of 5: i2of5_reader
  • 2 of 5: 2of5_reader
  • Code 93: code_93_reader

Prerequisite: Before users can scan barcodes from within the CSM Browser Client, you must add the BarcodeScan attribute to the Business Object and add a field to store the barcode value.

Add the BarcodeScan Attribute

To add BarcodeScan to the Business Object for a Configuration Item:

  1. In CSM Administrator, create a new or edit an existing Blueprint.
  2. Select a Business Object, such as Config - Server.
  3. In the right pane, under Structure, select Edit Business Object.
  4. Select Bus Ob Properties.
  5. Select Advanced, then select the down arrow () next to General attributes.
  6. In the Attribute field, enter BarcodeScan.
  7. Do one of the following:
    • Leave the attribute value blank; the system will use all the barcode reader types specified above.
    • Specify the barcode reader types you want to support as a comma-delimited list in the attribute value field: This increases scan reliability.

      Barcode reader types can only be set at the Business Object level.

  8. Select OK.

Add a Field to Store the Barcode

To add a field to store the barcode:

  1. Open the Business Object that has the BarcodeScan attribute, and then:
    1. Add a new field or select an existing field.
    2. Open the Field Properties window.
    3. Select Advanced, then select the down arrow () next to General attributes.
    4. In the Attribute field, enter BarcodeScan.
    5. Select OK.
  2. Under Appearance, select Edit Form.
  3. Drag the type of control you want to use onto the form, then right-click and select Control properties.
  4. Select Commands > Other.
  5. Select the ScanBarcode command, and add it as the command for a control to launch the barcode scanner. The result will appear in the Barcode Field on the form.
  6. Select OK.
    You can now launch the barcode scanner from a Business Object form.

Once you have set up the BarcodeScan attribute in the Business Object and added a field to store the barcode, you can use it to enable scanning from a mobile device.