Standard Text Field Lengths

Use Cherwell field length guidelines when you create new text fields, including commonly used speciality fields, such as address, email, and departments fields.

Text field lengths are set on the General page of the Field Properties dialog when you add or edit a field.

Unless otherwise noted, recommendations are for plain text fields.

General Field Length Recommendations

Field Field Type Size
Text input - single line Text 50
Text input - multiple lines Text Maximum searchable

Specialty Field Length Recommendations

Field Field Type Size
Accessory Text 50
Approval Block ID Text 85
Address Text 200
Address 2 Text 200
Site/building Name Text 100
Business Hours Text 35
Business Object Name Text 60
City Text 35
Command Names (Alt 1, Next, Alt 2) Text 255
Comments Text Maximum searchable
Country Code Text 15
County/Country Text 150
Created Culture Text 20
Department Text 100
Descriptions (Major and Supporting objects) Text (rich text) N/A
Description (Lookup objects) Text Maximum searchable
Email Address Text 254
Fax Number Text 30
Full Address Text Maximum searchable
Hostname Text 50
ID (non-record IDs, such as counter ID) Text 20
Image Text 255
Impact (from Priority Matrix Element) Text 35
Middle initial Text 2
Name (first, middle, or last by itself) Text 50
Name (full) Text 150
Names of objects and "title-like" names Text 60
Notes Text Maximum searchable
Page Display Text 30
Parent Type (should be Business Object name) Text 60
Phone Text 30
Postal Zip Code Text 15
Priority Text 20
Province/State Text 35
Record IDs Text 42
Region Code Text 50
Service/Category/Subcategory Text 67
State (validate from State Province Territory Lookup object) Text 35
Status (all types) Text 55
Status Text Text 100
Team Name Text 60
Urgency (from Priority Matrix Element) Text 35
Website Text 254