HR Case Management 3.0

Cherwell HR Case Management is a business solution enabling human resources teams to deliver employee services quickly and efficiently.

Cherwell HR Case Management includes case management functions as well as employee administration tools.

This version of HR Case Management combines the proven functionality of HR Case Management version 2 solution as well as the extended functionality of HR Employee Administration solution. The overall solution is globalized and localized in English and Spanish and is foundationally ready to be localized in other languages as well.

Cherwell HR Case Management Overview

Cherwell HR Case Management allows fulfillment teams to streamline and automate common HR requests and provide focused knowledge to help solve issues before cases need to be created. The application can be an independent solution or part of a larger enterprise service management strategy, which drives fulfillment of IT, Facilities, Marketing, Legal and other service requests.

Employee Administration Functions

The Employee Administration functions included in Cherwell HR Case Management facilitate the automation and structure for onboarding, employee transfer, and offboarding activities. For many organizations, these employee administration functions are disjointed and span IT and HR teams with no central coordination or ownership. When detailed tasks to fulfill these functions are not standardized, the responsibility falls on the hiring manager to coordinate and direct the fulfillment activities. Additionally, the activities for fulfillment items that take significant time are generally started too late (example: a few days before the new hire employee is expected to start).

If you have the Facilities Service Management mApp Solution installed, you can take advantage of having Work Orders automatically generated as part of specific workflows.