Pre-Installation Considerations

Platform Version Requirements: Tested on Cherwell HR Case Management 9.2.x and 9.3.x

Out-of-the-Box Content Version Requirements: 9.2.0 for a clean scan - however, as noted below, Cherwell HR Case Management can be installed with other content versions. Service Catalog Templates are used in this solution, so minimally the content version needs to be 7.x. Additionally, a little extra care and tweaking will be needed for non-Globalized systems.

There will be a modification available for the create IT Task functionality for content version 9.4. The Task Business Object will have a different structure, so modifications will be needed to this mApp Solution for compatibility with CSM 9.4.

If you have already installed HR Case Management (version 2) - loading this new solution could impact form and workflow modifications you have made locally. If you want to add the HR Employee Administration functionality to your implementation, there are two options:

  1. Install the HR Employee Administration solution - it is not currently localized, so if this is a requirement, you will need to localize the object.
  2. If you have made little to no changes to your HR Case Management (version 2) implementation, you can load this new solution, review the resulting build, and move your modifications back in.

No data is lost when applying the mApp files, only configuration modifications.

Prerequisites: None.