HR Knowledge Management

Knowledge Management has some new 'foundational' elements that customers can use to expand and formalize this area. Cherwell is careful not to interfere with existing implementations, and Knowledge Management is an area where most customers apply some level of customization.

The Knowledge Management area of the mApp® Solution is a 'feature' so it can be bypassed and not included in your installation.

Cherwell HR Case Management provides the following:

  1. Creating a New Knowledge article: If an Article Type of Human Resources is selected, the Service, Category, and Subcategory fields can be populated with values from the HR Case Category and Subcategory tables. Searches in HR Cases will search using the Human Resource type and the Category structure.
  2. Nominating for Knowledge Base from an HR Case: The Category and Subcategory of the HR Case will be populated in the New article and the Article Type will be set to Human Resources.
  3. The HR Portal searches the Knowledge Base based on the Article Type of Human Resources and if the 'Visible in Customer Portal' is checked.

Cherwell HR Case Management does not introduce any new Knowledge Management workflow or approvals. Once you determine a process for HR Knowledge Article, you will need to set new approval and review teams.