HR Security Groups, Roles, and Teams

Security Groups are used in Cherwell HR Case Management (manually configured per the mApp instructions) to provide access security and workflow rights (example: HR Supervisor can create new Knowledge Articles).

  • HR Case Agent
  • HR Case Supervisor
  • HR Management

Roles are utilized to provide default Dashboards at login. These cannot be included in the mApp but sample Roles are provided in the mApp documentation.

The following Teams were utilized during the build and testing activities of the mApp and are part of the HR Case Management mApp:

  • HR Benefits Americas
  • HR Benefits EMEA/APAC
  • HR Case Management Americas
  • HR Case Management EMEA/APAC
  • HR Employee Relations Americas
  • HR Employee Relations EMEA/APAC
  • HR Payroll Americas
  • HR Payroll EMEA/APAC
  • HR TA Americas
  • HRIS Americas