Service Request Created (New Hire)

When a Service Request is created for a New Hire, the tasks included depend on whether the hire is new or existing. This section outlines the Service Request and associated Task information. The tasks included in the Service Request are dependent on if the hired candidate is a new hire or an existing employee. Below is a set of screen shots outlining the Service Request and associated Task information.

Categorization: The categorization within this Cherwell HR Case Management is unique value set; it will not interfere with an existing implementation, and can be easily modified.

Requestor: Hiring Manager

Tasks: Generated by the associated SCT applied by the One-Step Action initiated when the HR Position was approved. Additional Tasks can be easily added (as Work Units) in the SCTs for related activities.

The Service Request (and associated Tasks) is worked through completion as a normal IT request ticket.

Step 3 functionality is initiated after the tasks are completed. The owner of the Service Request must check the two boxes to Resolve the overall Service Request.

The activities to auto-create a Customer record and link Applications to that record can be automated as part of the modification of the task activities or prompted One-Step Actions. This is not part of Cherwell HR Case Management because it would need to be designed based on each customer's current CSM implementation.

New Customer Record

This record can be created manually or through automation. The Full Name and SAM Account Name are the critical fields to populate. These will enable the record to be recognized and updated by the AD integration.

Links to Applications and CIs can also be done manually or through automation. These links will be used during the offboarding processes to identify and create tasks for equipment and accesses that need to be review/removed and/or retrieved.