Import and Configure the HR Employee Administration E-mail Monitor

Cherwell HR Case Management includes configurable e-mail integration for external recruitment tools to initiate Employee Administration workflows in CSM.

An integration with external applications that support a REST API can also be configured, but is outside the scope of this mApp Solution.

The following steps should be used to import and configure the email integration.

  1. In CSM Administrator, select the E-mail and Event Monitoring category.
  2. Select the E-mail and Event Monitoring Manager option.
  3. Select File > Import... from the taskbar menu and select the HR EE Admin Email Monitor.ced file that was included in the Cherwell HR Case Management download.
  4. Right-click the HR Employee Admin Monitor icon and select Edit.
  5. On the General tab, select the e-mail account to the monitored. This will be an e-mail account that was configured for this instance of CSM as part of initial deployment.
  6. Do not modify the Identify Customer tab.
  7. On the Monitors tab, modify the HR Position monitors as needed based on integration requirements.

This monitor is designed specifically for the HR Position integration for Cherwell HR Case Management. If the inbound message is not recognized, an HR Case is created.

If the CSM instance includes other features like Incident, Change, etc., and those modules will be sharing the same e-mail account with Cherwell HR Case Management, manually merge these monitor entries with the existing E-mail Monitor.