Optional Employee Administration Configuration

Edit IT Access Request One-Step™ Action

The HR Position One-Step Action named IT Access Request by Service Catalog Template generates a final task listing the transferring employee's existing application access. This list is generated from the items on the Applications tab on the Customer-Internal record.

To change this task's descriptive information, modify the Create Review Existing Employee Application task.

Edit Initiate IT Offboarding Process One-Step Action

The HR Case One-Step Action named Initiate IT Offboarding Process generates a list of tasks using a default Service Catalog Template to generate offboarding tasks appropriate for all employees. In addition to those tasks, a task for each assigned CI and each accessible Application is created.

Change the CI and Application task's descriptive information format by modifying the Step Thru Customer CIs and Step Thru Customer Applications tasks. These actions build an XML-formatted collection used to generate tasks in the Step through List of Tasks and Create action.