Rename or Replace the ESM Application Business Object

The Business Object named ESM Application is intended as a table to store an organization's basic enterprise and desktop application information. It is given a unique name so the Apply mApp Wizard does not overwrite an organization's existing application Business Object. Prior to publishing the Blueprint (after applying the Cherwell HR Case Management), you can change this name if desired.

The functionality of this table may be redundant if another application table was created as either stand-alone or incorporated into the Configuration Item group Business Object. In this situation, we recommend that configuration changes be made in the following Business Objects and components to utilize the existing application data source:

  • Customer Business Object - Relationships - Modify the Customer Links Application relationship to link to the child object containing the application information (i.e., Config - Applications).
  • Customer - Internal Business Object - Form Arrangement - Update the Applications tab properties to use the correct default form and grid of the new application object used in the relationship.
  • Modify the HR Position One-Step™ Action named IT Access Request by Service Catalog Template. Find the Get Existing Employee Record Step Through Children Action, then find the Build List of Employee Applications Action. Verify that the Actions within this portion of the One-Step Action use the proper fields for the application data source table.
  • Modify the HR Case One-Step Action named Initiate IT Offboarding Process. Modify the Step Through Customer Applications Action to use the new application data source Business Object and field names.