Working an HR Case (Case Worker)

Case Workers should use the My Work Dashboard to track their cases. Select a ticket assigned by your team manager and begin work.

To work an HR Case, perform the following steps:

  1. Status: Click on Start Work - this will set the new Status to In Progress.
  2. Click on the e-mail address in the Requestor information area to initiate an outbound e-mail to the Requestor. A template will pop up and can be modified to enter specific information, additional recipients, add an attachment, etc. If the Requestor replies to this email, it will be added as a Journal entry along with the original email event.
  3. Follow-up Date: Populate a date in this field if you want to be reminded to continue work on this case. In the CSM Desktop Client, you will also be given the option of receiving an Outlook calendar notice for this date.
  4. I Want To actions:
    1. Resolve Redundant: Click this link if the case is the same as an existing case ticket. This launches One-Step Action that allows you to append the description from this case the main case description and resolve the redundant case. Redundancy often occurs when Users send an e-mail that creates a new case rather than replying to the e-mail they received when they first opened the case. This One-Step Action allows you to select the main case - then appends the description from the redundant case into the main case description and resolves the redundant case.
    2. Split/Duplicate: Clones the current HR Case.
    3. Refer to Another Service Desk: This One-Step Action opens an e-mail template to refer to another team. You can put in the e-mail address of the IT Help Desk to create a new IT ticket, or any e-mail address to send the information over to another referral team. This does NOT resolve the current ticket - the ticket will remain In Progress until it is manually resolved.
    4. Create an Incident Ticket: Creates an Incident ticket which will appear in the HR Case's Form Arrangement.
  5. Checklist: Several Checklists are configured in Cherwell HR Case Management. These will apply to a case ticket based on the Category and Subcategory of the case. Additional Checklists can be applied manually in the Additional Checklists tab.