HR Service Management 1.6

Cherwell HR Service Management mApp® Solution (Cherwell HRSM) combines HR Case Management and HR Employee Administration. Designed around HR workflow processes and Centers of Excellence (COE), Cherwell HRSM is an ideal solution for organizations needing to mature their HR operations and employee experience.


Platform version requirements: CSM 10.2.0.

Content version requirements: Tested on CSM 10.2.0.

This mApp Solution contains specific updates based on 10.2.0 OOTB content related to our enhanced Approval Engine feature. If you have an older content version, you may choose to use HRSM 1.5 instead.

This mApp Solution is designed to work with the ITSMStarter.czar and ITSMDemo.czar.


If you are working with content from CSM 10.0.0 - 10.0.2, you might notice an incorrect German translation for Location ID in both the Default and Portal Views for the Customer - Internal form. This issue produces a scan error when attempting to apply the HRSM mApp Solution.

To fix the issue before publishing the mApp Solution:

  1. At the end of the Apply mApp Wizard, select the option to open the Blueprint to review changes.
  2. Switch to German, and then select Kunde - Intern > Business Objekt bearbeiten.
  3. Locate and double-click the Positions-ID text field with size 20. Now the field is in edit mode.
  4. Set the Name field to Lage-ID, and select OK to save your changes.
  5. Repeat the previous steps for the Portal View.
  6. Publish your Blueprint.

Available Languages

English, German, Spanish, French, and Portuguese


Cherwell HRSM is designed to provide a consumer‑like service experience and increase HR productivity and employee satisfaction. This is made possible through a combination of the following elements:

  • A powerfully intuitive Cherwell HRSM Portal.
  • The persona-specific HR knowledge base.
  • Shared services capabilities with pre-built automated workflows designed specifically for HR service delivery.

Cherwell HRSM combines ITSM and HR into a single solution to help customers address a technology and information gap in HR systems that support request, knowledge, and fulfillment workflows. Your company can resolve the majority of employee requests through the Cherwell HRSM Portal.

This solution focuses on a set of best practice processes based on the Society for Human Resource Management standards.

How the mApp SolutionWorks

Cherwell HRSM is designed to be applied to your development CSM system, where you can view and publish the solution. After evaluating and testing the solution against the development system, you can apply it to your production environment.

Revision History

mApp Version Platform Version Requirements Content Version Requirements Prerequisites
1.0 9.5.0

Tested on 9.2.0. Globalized for a clean scan, however Cherwell HR Service Management can be installed with other content versions.1

1.2 9.6.1

Tested on 9.6.1 and 9.5.3. 2

1.3 10.0.0 Tested on 10.0.0 3 None
1.5 10.0.0 Tested on 10.0.04 None
1.6 10.2.0 Tested on 10.2.05 None