Configure User Persona Filtering

To take advantage of the user persona filtering for HR Knowledge and HRSM Case categories, add data to all existing Customer-Internal records.

Pay particular attention to the following fields, which are critical for the Cherwell HRSMmApp® Solution features to work correctly:

  • Country Code: When customers enter the HR Portal site, the Country Code defined as part of their user record is used to filter the available resources based on the individual's country policies. You can find valid country codes listed in the Cherwell content.
  • Exemption Status: (Exempt or Non-Exempt - Default: NULL) Employee's Exempt or Non-Exempt status affects which HR Articles apply to the individual. By default, this field has a NULL value, meaning that it will need to be set before the employee can see HR Articles.
  • IsAManager: (Checkbox - Default: N) Employee's status as a manager allows employee to view HR Articles listed as relevant to managers.