Configure Cherwell HRSM Portal Security Groups

If enabled when running the Apply mApp Wizard, the following HRSM Portal Security Groups are implemented with the Cherwell HRSMmApp® Solution.

If you have customized any of the Portal Customer or Portal Workgroup Manager Security Groups, you should manually configure the HRSM Portal Security Groups rather than applying them with the mApp Solution because your custom data will be overwritten by the new data applied.

To manually configure HRSM Portal Security Groups:

  1. Open CSM Administrator and select Security > Edit Security Groups.
  2. In the Group list, select Portal Customer. (Repeat these steps for Portal Workgroup Manager and any additional Portal Security Groups.)
  3. Select the Business Objects tab.
  4. In the Business Object list, select the following Business Objects and settings:
    Business ObjectSetting
    HRSM Case
    • General: View, Add, Edit
    • Limit Records (select one option or the other):
      • Customer Display Name = CurrentUserDisplayName()
      • All of the following:
        • Submit on behalf of Name = CurrentUserDisplayName()
        • Send Notifications to On Behalf of equals true
    • File Attachments: View, Add, Delete
    • New Field: View, Edit
    HR Task
    • General: View, Edit
    • File Attachments: View, Add, Delete
    • New Field: View, Edit
    Knowledge - HR
    • General: View, Edit
    • Limit Records: Status = Published, Visible in Portal = True
    • File Attachments: View
    • New Field: View, Edit
    Checklist Item
    • General: View, Add
    • File Attachments: View
    • New Field: View, Edit
    Case Type, Case Category, Case Priority, Case Subcategory, Case Service, Case Service List
    • General: View
    • New Field: View
    HR Specifics - All group members
    • General: View, Add, Edit
    • File Attachments: View
    • New Field: View, Edit
      • AdditionalDetails
      • Benefit Change
      • Direct Deposit
      • Disciplinary Action
      • Employee Information Change
      • Employee Offboarding
      • Employee Transfer
      • Employment Verification
      • FMLA
      • General Leave
      • HR System Access
      • I9
      • Modify W4
      • Retirement
      • SF-256
      • SF-85
      • Tuition Reimbursement Pre-Approval
      • Tuition Reimbursement Request
      • Visa Assistance
      • Visa Question
      • W4 Modify