Cherwell HR Service Management mApp Solution Items

The Cherwell HRSMmApp Solution includes the following items:

Item Category


Typical Merge Action

Major Business Objects HRSM Batch Case, HRSM Case, Knowledge Management (Group), Knowledge - HR Import
  Customer Internal - Additional fields to support HR, Work Unit - Extended to assign HR Tasks to Requestor Merge
Supporting Business Objects Checklist Item, HR Task, HR Case Limited Access List, HRSpecifics (Group), AdditionalDetails, Benefit Change, Direct Deposit, Disciplinary Action, Employee Information Change, Employee Offboarding, Employee Onboarding, Employee Transfer, Employment Verification, FMLA, General Leave, HR System Access, I9, Modify W4, SF-256, SF-85, Tuition Reimbursement Pre-Approval, Tuition Reimbursement Request, Visa Assistance, Visa Question, W4, W4 Modify, Role, Specifics (Group), HR IT New Hire Import
  Approval - Added relationships to HRSM, Journal - Additional functionality to reply to Notes, SLA Target Time - added a Parent Type of HR Case Merge
Lookup Tables Case Category, Case Priority, Case Service, Case Service List, Case Subcategory, Case Type, Checklist, HR Case Pending Reason, HR Case Resolution Code, HR Case Status, HR KB Page Display, HR Specifics Lookup Field, HR Benefits Lookup Value, HR Task Close Code, HR Task Status, HR Task Type, Knowledge Management Article Type, Knowledge Management Review Period, Knowledge Management Status, Knowledge Management Status List Import
  Country - Added 3-character abbreviation support, SCT WU Category Merge
Dashboard Reporting Dashboards, HRSM Tier 1, HRSM Tier 2, HRSM Knowledge Base Articles, HRSM Manager, HRSM Executive, Portal, HRSM Benefits Payroll, HRSM Home, HRSM Jobs, HRSM My HR Requests, HRSM Policies, HRSM Service Catalog, HRSM Service Catalog Service, HRSM Service Catalog Subcategory, HRSM Training, HRSM Welcome, New Hire Portal, New Hire Home, New Hire Logged In, New Hire Messages, New Hire Tasks Import
Team   Import