Cherwell HRSM Onboarding Process

HR Cases for Onboarding can be created automatically (via an HRIS system like ADP, Workday, UltiPro, etc.) or manually through CSM.

Once the Onboarding HR Case is submitted, the HR Case Agent reviews the Case and initiates the onboarding process by selecting Start Onboarding. An IT ticket with associated Tasks is created with the HR Case Tasks.

To access the Onboarding process:

  1. Open a new HR Case.
  2. For the Category, select Employee Lifecycle.
  3. For the Subcategory, select Onboarding.
  4. For the Case Service, select Initiate Onboarding.

When an HR Case for Onboarding is initiated, an HR worker will review the Case, then select the Start Onboarding button. This action opens an Incident for the service desk to perform required tasks (example: Setting up an Active Directory account).

HR Onboarding Tasks (determined by the persona information) include:

  • Complete Training
  • Welcome Letter
  • Set Up Payroll
  • Set up Benefits
  • Complete the following form: W4
  • Complete the following form: SF-256
  • Complete the following form: I9
  • Complete the following form: SF-85

Good to Know:

  • An IT Service Request is triggered to create an Active Directory account.
  • After the Active Directory account is created, IT enters the account in the Specific Form to resolve the Request. An Automation Process enters the new employee in the On Behalf Of field of the HR Case.
  • Two more IT Service Requests are triggered for Access and Equipment along with the necessary Tasks based on the Service Catalog Templates associated with the new employee's Role.
  • HR Tasks are also created based on the Service Catalog Template tied to the Service Category. Some HR Tasks are handled by HR Case Agents, and some are assigned to the new employee (accessible through the HR New Hire Portal).