Cherwell HRSM Self-Service Portal

The HRSM Portal provides access to HR Knowledge Articles as well as a form so users can submit an HRSM Case.

Increase employee self-sufficiency and reduce ticket volume using the HRSM Self-Service Portal. The HRSM Self-Service Portal filters HR Knowledge, FAQs, and announcements based on the employee's profile information. Employees can see their open HR Cases and assigned HR Tasks.

As employees navigate through the HR Service Catalog, they can see related HR Knowledge Articles. With a well planned collection of HR Knowledge Articles, your customers will need to open fewer HR Cases.

When creating Knowledge Articles, add comma-separated keywords that exactly match the category and subcategory names (example: Benefits, Beneficiaries). When employees select Make a HR Request and select a relevant category, only the Knowledge Articles that are tagged with that exact category name appear on the page. Likewise, Knowledge Articles on the subsequent page appear only when they are tagged with the exact subcategory name.

The HRSM Portal provides:

  • HR Knowledge Articles based on the user's profile attributes (example: employment type, country, state, etc.).
  • Commonly-requested links.
  • FAQs.
  • Multi-language support.
  • Targeted announcements relevant to the user's profile
  • Separate landing pages for each of the key areas of HR to provide additional information specific to the area (example: Benefits, Talent Acquisition, Payroll, etc.).
  • Forms for submitting a new HR Case.

When accessing the HRSM Self-Service Portal, users must log in and then select an additional Enter button. Selecting this button captures user persona information used for filtering the Knowledge and Services available.