About HRSM Service Catalog Templates

The HR Service Catalog Templates specify a set of Tasks that are created when an HR Case enters the in-progress phase. The HR Tasks are generated in a series of One-Step™ Actions.

Most HRSM Service Catalog Templates create HR Tasks, but some also generate IT requests and associated Tasks.

Service Catalog Templates are associated with HR Case Service and with Role. In the Case Service table, certain services (example: Tuition Reimbursement) have associated tasks. Some Roles have associated tasks that are initiated by Service Catalog Templates.

SCT Initiation from HR Case Service Table

The HR Case Service table stores the SCT that is called to create HR Tasks.

When the HR Case Service field is populated in an HR Case, the Task Template Rec ID is captured from the associated Case Service record.

An Automation Process (Generate HR Tasks from Template) then calls the One-Step Action (Generate HR Case Tasks from Template), which creates the HR Tasks identified in the SCT.

The following SCTs are initiated in the method outlined above:

  • Benefit Changes
  • Direct Deposit
  • Employee Information Change
  • Employee Transfer
  • Employment Verification
  • FMLA Procedures and Resources
  • Grievance/Disciplinary/Harassment Incident
  • HR Case Onboarding
  • HR Case Offboarding
  • HR System Access
  • Initiate Retirement
  • Leave of Absence Procedures
  • Modify W4
  • Tuition Reimbursement - Class Authorization
  • Tuition Reimbursement - Course Completion

Onboarding Flow

After a case is submitted, the HR person reviews the case and selects the Start Onboarding button.

  1. A Service Request (One-Step Action for Start Onboarding) is created so that IT can create an Active Directory (AD) account.
  2. After the AD account is created, IT enters the account in the specific form and resolves the request. An Automation Process kicks off and assigns the new employee as the On Behalf Of on the HR Case.
  3. Two Service Requests also kick off for Access and Equipment along with the necessary tasks based on the SCTs found in the Role.
  4. HR Tasks are also created based on the SCT tied to the Service in the categorization.

A role is created and marked as an HR role (it will be used in the HR Case side). On each role, SCTs are set to determine which tasks get created during onboarding for both Equipment and Access Requests.